Business: how to capture attention on your event in 5 steps

The preparation of an event is as essential as its realization. Nothing should be left to chance.

The promotional material must be effective. Always remember that images work better than text. In particular, the infographics in the pre-event and at the fair communications are understood more quickly by the participants, especially if they are accompanied by a slogan chosen ad hoc. The images require less cognitive effort and can arouse emotions, the effect increases if they are accompanied by a word or a short sentence.
The images can be used almost for everything within the event and in the preparation phases. They serve to explain to attendees certain organizational aspects of the meeting, convey instructions on how to navigate the event app or other event element, or serve as a call to action for something that will help provide a better experience for attendees, a prize or gift or some other benefit.

Before the event. Choosing to participate must be easy. To overcome the storm of emails that we all receive every day, we need to simplify our choices. The call to action must be unique and easy. Having too many possibilities overwhelms people, pushes them away, takes time to evaluate all the options. For whatever action you want participants to take, it’s always best to give them only a few choices about what they can do.
All requests you make must be simple and clear. Providing people with simple processes on how to do things, whether it’s to register or provide goals or preferences for the event you are organizing will get more people to take action.
Always try to ask people in advance what they want to do and which parts of the event or convention you are organizing they are interested in. Always make sure, however, that it is also easy to give up, in whole or in part, of the options you have chosen. It is a move that creates trust and loyalty.

All material should be customized if possible. To take a trivial example: Simply using recipient names in email subject lines increases the open rate by 10 to 30 percent. In addition, customization, especially if done really, increases the interest of the event also based on the business community, in which the person works, who we want with us. The best thing is to demonstrate, in a few words or a few lines, what advantages you will have by participating and which people you will be able to meet and why this is important for your personal reputation, as well as for your business. People identify with what they do and not only want to belong to a community, they also want to show others that they belong to it.

Be timely and interesting. The sending of offers and other communications must arrive at the right time, and to do so you must use all the channels available. To make a message interesting you can use the techniques that journalists use for headlines. Words like “new”, “improved”, “revolution” are ways to grab attention amid the daily flow of emails and messages people receive on social media.

A social dimension must be created. It is possible to influence the behavior of potential participants by showing what others think and how they behave. To create “social pressure” you can speak to the community of reference, pointing out which are the most popular opinions and feelings, the most popular elements and the behaviors of the community that you are seeing as the deadline for action approaches. To put pressure on the registrations, it is possible to highlight how the number of places is running out. Show the question underlining the scarcity of places, create, in the norm, new inscriptions.

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