Born in 1989, we are an independent Italian agency specializing in event organization: Eo Ipso Srl.

We work with multinationals, companies of all kinds, organizations, and associations. Moreover, we provide tailor-made support even for private events, such as weddings and family celebrations.

With us, Domino’s Pizza has landed in Italy. Tempur has chosen us to organize the Italian launch of its new mattresses. We have worked with Whirlpool EMEA to develop its communication further alongside hundreds of other customers. We organized a minigolf world championship, in which 480 athletes and 23 nations took part, together with congresses, trade fairs, conventions, shows, street parties and live concerts.

Whatever your budget is, we fully respect it, as we design and implement successful solutions for any type of event for you. If necessary, we also take care of your event contents.

Working Hours

Our Commitment to the Planet

To celebrate thirty years of activity (September 24, 2019), Eo Ipso has created a global forest, planting 3,000 trees in various parts of the world with the aim of helping the planet.

At the same time, we decided to continue the project forever, with the purchase of one tree per month and one for each new job of the agency.

As of April 30, 2024, there are 4,725 trees in our forest, for 544,493 kg of CO2 offset (see Eo Ipso forest).

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