How It Works

A tailor-made service for you

Activate Our Service in Four Easy Steps

2, 3 or More Cameras? You Decide!

Two cameras (like a pair of eyes) is our standard service. Three cameras (to have an additional observation point) is the plus service. Furthermore, you can upgrade with other cameras.

Choose Your Locations

In which and on how many locations to carry out the inspection is your choice (the locations in our database are just suggestions). We go everywhere in Italy: just provide the address and we organize.

Set Date and Time

To be able to buy the virtual inspection, you will need to indicate the preferred date and time. Attention: they must be on Italian time, when the locations are open. So, keep the time zone in mind!


Having made the choices and the form filled out, you will have to wait for our confirmation before paying, with which you will be sure that the chosen location is available for inspection on the requested date and time.

You Can Connect From Any Device

Smartphone, tablet, any screen … always a perfect view!

We potentially enlarge every viewing window and zoom in on the smallest details to see everything closely in real time, as if you are in Italy.

Join Live and Review Forever

Whatever service you have purchased (standard, plus, or upgrade), the entire video transmission of the virtual inspection will be recorded by us and will be sent to you within 24 hours of the end of the service.

So that at any time, you can review everything with your company or family members.

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