Lapped by two seas with uncontaminated waters, Basilicata presents incredible and very different scenarios: the coast of the Ionian Sea offers wide beaches of fine sand, often surrounded by pine forests and eucalyptus rows that perfume the air, the Tyrrhenian Sea coast is higher and jagged, with headlands overlooking the sea and small beaches bathed by crystal clear waters. Within the region dominate the silence, colors and scents of nature, with mountains covered by woods and forests and small and picturesque villages, many of which are located at 1000 meters above sea level.

Matera, which in 2019 was the European Capital of Culture, is the city of the “Sassi”, a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1993, with the ancient urban agglomeration formed by a dense network of caves dug into the rock.

For your catering: hand-made first courses of “durum wheat pasta” seasoned with sausage and “peperoncino” sauce; the “pancotto”, slices of toasted bread softened in broth and enriched with eggs; the pork and lamb meat; the “testina” (head) of lamb cooked in the oven and topped with oregano and pecorino; the “baccalà” (cod) with capers and pine nuts; the fish soup of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Among the desserts: the ricotta cake; the “strazzate”, which are fragrant almond biscuits; the “cartellate”, fried dough covered with honey and cooked wine. Wines: Aglianico, Grottino, Terre dell’Alta Val d’Agri.

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