Covid and rules in Italy

The Italian state is one of the most restrictive in Europe, together with France for the Covid prevention rules. The rules for weddings are stringent and have been applied since early summer 2021. Let’s see them together.

Do you need a vaccination certificate or a swab for Covid?
Yes for people from 13 years old. Even a swab done within 48 hours prior to the event is enough. For the little ones, nothing is required.

How are the rooms organized in the event of a wedding?
In Italy, a safety distance is requested between the tables for the rules imposed by the state for the prevention of the pandemic. For adjacent tables, considering the size of the chairs, the minimum distance between the tables should be at least 2 meters, considering the passage of room staff. The distance of 2.5 meters is strongly recommended.

Is there a maximum number of guests?
No, the maximum number of guests depends on the number of tables that the structure you have chosen can contain.

Do I have to wear a mask?
Not outdoors if the number of Covid cases in the region where you have decided to celebrate your wedding is low. Italy divides the regions by color. If the region is in the white band, the outdoor mask is not needed, from the yellow band onwards it is also needed outdoors.
Inside, to strictly comply with the rules of the state, the mask should always be worn if you are not sitting at the table to eat.

An advice
Always ask the structure which rules are adopted within them, they also change by province.

Is it possible to have music at the wedding?
Yes, but the orchestra must be spaced from the guests, just put it on a stage or in a space just for them.

Can you dance?
In theory, only spaced and outside, but ask the host structure what rules they apply to dancing.

Attention: always ask the host structure if it is necessary to have an internal Covid manager or if you need to hire one yourself.
Don’t worry, almost everyone who hosts weddings has one inside. This person is responsible for verifying compliance with the security protocols. Up to 14 days after the ceremony, the Covid Manager will keep the list of wedding participants in the event of a positive outcome, for tracking.

Table service or buffet?
There will be only the possibility of having table service, the buffets when organized will already be prepared in single-portions and will be delivered by the catering staff.

How do you go about sugared almonds?
They can be delivered in wedding favors, free distribution is prohibited

Attention in the orange and red zone you cannot have wedding parties
Our advice is to look at the epidemiological situation. In summer, in general, there are no problems. Always ask the property you want to book what happens if the Region goes into the orange or red zone, if there is insurance to take out in order not to lose the deposit already paid.
The solution. There is a trick: book at the hotel and set up rooms for all your guests. Those staying at the hotel can use the restaurant, so regardless of the situation in Italy you can enjoy your party.

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