How to choose the perfect location for your needs: what to ask

The choice of space for the event you are organizing is one of the most important decisions you will make.
What do you need to pay attention to?

If it is a corporate event, the location and size of the location are fundamental, obviously it must be able to accommodate all the participants and must be in a position that is easily accessible both by public transport and the motorway. In Italy this can be a problem, which must always be considered when choosing the destination. If the number of participants is very high, above 500, you should know that the choice is very limited. Events of this kind must be planned well in advance, so that the entire structure can be blocked, which makes the event even more exclusive.
If it’s a wedding or other personal event, things like the atmosphere may be more important than the location.
What you need, as always, is a list.

Make a list of the features you need for each type of event so you get an idea of ​​what you are looking for.
So, make a list of potential event spaces in your area and make appointments to visit them, with events in Italy you can also go online.
When meeting with the venue manager, bring your list of requirements and some ideas on how you might use their space if they don’t have event packages.
Don’t forget to ask if they have a preferred list of vendors and what their policies are regarding alcohol, decorations, and other potential event details.
Try not to contract with the venue until you know how many people will attend your event as this may affect your choice of location.
Plus, find out if there are any technology benefits like Wi-Fi and IT on-site at the venue location, as they can simplify planning and help guests connect.

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