How to promote your event on major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

Social media is important for promoting an event. Let’s analyze what to do on the 4 major social media of the moment.

On Facebook, set up a separate event page dedicated to all relevant information. Include all useful links in the Description field, introducing the official hashtag of the event. Publish any last-minute changes in the event diary to make them known to all invited people.

On Twitter, prepare different tweet templates with the venue, time, shortened traceable URL of the official event page and the official hashtag. Also, track down all Twitter usernames of prominent speakers or artists and enter them in your brand’s Twitter account after they have confirmed their presence.

If you use Instagram, take and upload photos of the location, speakers, flyers and anything else that can attract the attention of your followers, but make sure that the information transmitted is clear and that the meaning of the photo is evident. Don’t forget to insert the event hashtag in the caption.

If you use Pinterest, create Pinboards dedicated to different aspects of your event, such as workshops, speakers or artists present, as well as all the organizational aspects you want to highlight (e.g. the location, the design of the flyers, the gadgets or any common interests to all participants). Since Pinterest is a social network that takes full advantage of the visual aspect, add as many elements as possible in that sense, such as videos, photos and infographics. Equip your Pins with keywords to make your Pinboards easier to find and make your event more popular.

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