Stream your event: it will go global

Online events are losing interest. There are many, but many no longer participate, even if they have been made in the best and most spectacular way possible. The journey is missing, there is no socialization among the participants, real human contact, in presence.
The pandemic has blocked events, narrowed their scope. What is certainly a problem can, however, turn into an opportunity. An in-person event with a limited audience can be streamed to make it global.

Streeming has rules to follow, if you want it to go global, not only do your materials need to be engaging, but to keep the attendees attention, you’ll need to translate attendee contributions into different languages. You can seek professional help from platforms like InterpretCloud which can remotely translate for events and ensure everyone understands what’s going on.

Last but not least is: once the event is over, you must remain online with the participants remotely, so as to answer all their questions and collect feedback, which must be valued to build new relationships, which could become important in the future.

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