Weddings of non-residents in Italy: the rules

Booking of the wedding and necessary formalities
The spouses, well in advance, must contact the marriage office which, to fix both the date and time of the wedding and that of the report that will be drawn up at least 2/3 days before the wedding, immediately needs photocopies of the documents valid identity of the spouses, and subsequently of the documentation listed below which can be sent by fax.
The report will be drawn up at the Demographic Services – Civil Status Weddings Office (green office n ° 1) located in via S. Paolino n ° 140. On this occasion, the couple and the interpreter (where necessary) must be present, all with identification documents and the originals of the documentation listed below.

Necessary documents
Authorization for civil marriage issued pursuant to art. 116 of the Italian Civil Code by the foreign Consulate in Italy with legalized signature in the Prefecture (if applicable) or certificate of marriage capacity for countries that adhere to international conventions that provide for the issue + birth certificate with paternity and maternity.
The authorization must contain the exact indication of the names, surnames, place and date of birth, residence, citizenship and freedom of state of the spouses (in case the bride is widowed or divorced also the date of the event) and the names of the respective parents; if this last data is missing, a birth certificate with paternity and maternity must be presented, duly translated by the Consulate and with legalization (if applicable).

For weddings of American citizens it is necessary:
Notary deed to be done at the Consulate General of Italy in the U.S.A., or at a notary in the U.S.A. with the formality of the apostille, or at the Court in Italy.
In this notary deed it must be stated that, according to the laws to which the spouses are subject in the U.S.A., there is no impediment to the marriage they intend to contract in Italy;
Sworn declaration of the bride and groom made at the American Consulate in Italy (Florence) showing that according to the laws to which they are subject in the U.S.A., no impediment to the marriage they intend to contract in Italy.
The document in question must contain the data listed above for the nulla-osta, must be drawn up in Italian and the signature of the Consul must be legalized at the local Prefecture.

For weddings of Australian citizens:
As for American citizens with the possibility of drawing up the notary deed not only at the Italian Consulate abroad, but also at the offices of the Civil Status.
The above documents are valid for six months unless otherwise established by the state

The following documents are required:
Photocopy of the identity documents of the two witnesses at the wedding (it is sufficient to present it on the day of drafting the report);
Photocopy of the interpreter’s identity document which must be present, both at the time of writing the report and on the day of the wedding celebration, if the spouses or witnesses do not know the Italian language (it is sufficient to present it on the day of the report);

After the wedding
It is the duty of the spouses to regularize their position in the country of origin.
It is advisable to contact your Consulate directly and to collect a marriage extract from the Civil Status Office, if necessary on a multilingual model.

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