Why create a hashtag for your event?

A hashtag lets attendees know what’s going on at your event and helps them connect with other people who are attending. One of the biggest mistakes people make when planning events is not having an event hashtag.
It is worth investing the time to find a truly effective, unique hashtag. Event-specific hashtags are meant to help attendees and speakers isolate relevant information.

What should a good hashtag look like?
Could be
• a play on words associated with your event or brand
• enter an alliteration to make it easier to remember
• try not to include words that can be easily confused with others, as this could backfire on you

Be careful not to overdo it, though: if a joke is very successful among your colleagues, it may not necessarily have the same effect on a global audience as that of social networks, so you risk that your hashtag will lose its effectiveness.

Once you have decided on the hashtag, insert it in all dedicated social messages, in the content that will be disseminated by blogs and traditional media, and in all printed promotional material (eg posters and flyers) used to advertise your event.
The hashtag can be used to share their personal photos on their social networks, so that they are easily traceable by other participants.
It is also useful for the organizers, who will thus be able to more easily recover the material produced by each one. It allows you to track conversations about the event on social media platforms like Twitter so you can see what kind of buzz is being generated by attendees before they even arrive at your headquarters, in case of corporate events.
It is an easy trick that can help ensure that everything goes smoothly without unexpected surprises and at the same time allows everyone to know what is happening.

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