Events in presence at the time of Covid: the trick that works

What format to use to organize face-to-face events during a pandemic? Large conferences may no longer be allowed in some states, when infections rise. The solution is there. It is necessary to create individual training courses with the companies participating in the event, with those who are identified as suppliers by the participants. Those who decide to attend the event register before, and during registration, or later, “book” the people and companies they are interested in talking to, in order to have individual sessions and to avoid crowding. Congress speed dating is almost one.
The advantages are obvious: signing up for appointments allows participants to focus better on what is of most interest to them. It’s definitely better than wandering around the show floor and having to make decisions on the spot, in real time, about who to talk to.
During the breaks, you can carve out time to spend with people in the sector, who have demos of new products or new data to share, or, eat something and chat with colleagues in attendance.
“Educational lunches” can also be organized, with sponsors, so that we have some time later to talk to the participants individually.
The event must, of course, be sponsored by suppliers: guest rooms and meals must have the costs covered, for those who participate.

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