To be successful an event, both private and corporate, must take into account every aspect. If you decide to rely on a company, you must be careful, so as not to incur unpleasant accidents. How to choose an event management company If having an important event in mind it is important to pay attention to...
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The preparation of an event is as essential as its realization. Nothing should be left to chance. The promotional material must be effective. Always remember that images work better than text. In particular, the infographics in the pre-event and at the fair communications are understood more quickly by the participants, especially if they are accompanied...
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What format to use to organize face-to-face events during a pandemic? Large conferences may no longer be allowed in some states, when infections rise. The solution is there. It is necessary to create individual training courses with the companies participating in the event, with those who are identified as suppliers by the participants. Those who...
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