The rites of marriage: the books of the heart

Not all marriage rites concern only the married couple, but can include relatives, more or less close, and friends present on the wedding day. In the case of the “books of the heart” the rite is collective. And if only some guests or all those present will be part of it, the bride and groom will decide who, at the time of the invitation to the ceremony, will ask the guest to choose a book for them and bring it on their wedding day. On the first pages of the book, the guest will have to write why she chose that book and why one, or the other, or both spouses should read it. And, of course, you will have to indicate your name as well.

On the wedding day all the books will be left on a table, for free consultation by all the guests. In this way, through the eyes of those who have written the dedications, everyone will know a few more details about the married couple and, in general, the bonds within the community of relatives and friends of the spouses will be strengthened more.

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