The rites of marriage

Not all marriage rites concern only the married couple, but can include relatives, more or less close, and friends present on the wedding day. In the case of the “books of the heart” the rite is collective. And if only some guests or all those present will be part of it, the bride and groom...
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The union of two souls is strengthened with the passage of time, so planning already at the start of your life together a stage in which to remember why you have sworn eternal love to each other, can help the path of common life that is about to take off. . The letter and wine...
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Since ancient times, the rose has represented the flower of love. Especially the red one, a symbol of passion and eternal love. The symbology refers to the sacrifice of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, who is injured in the vain attempt to save her beloved Adonis from the fury of a boar, and whose blood falls...
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