The rites of marriage: the ceremony of the roses

Since ancient times, the rose has represented the flower of love. Especially the red one, a symbol of passion and eternal love. The symbology refers to the sacrifice of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, who is injured in the vain attempt to save her beloved Adonis from the fury of a boar, and whose blood falls on some white roses, changing them into vermilion red. The supreme Zeus, moved with compassion and deeply touched by Aphrodite’s pain, establishes that Adonis will be able to divide his time between the kingdom of the dead and that of the living, thus giving eternity to the love between Aphrodite and Adonis.

Hence the symbolic rite of roses to declare eternal love during the wedding ceremony, immediately after the exchange of faiths, when each spouse gives a rose to the other as a symbol of their love and as a first gift when married.

The roses, of course, will then be dried to eternally preserve the memory of the wedding day.

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