The rites of marriage: the letter and the wine

The union of two souls is strengthened with the passage of time, so planning already at the start of your life together a stage in which to remember why you have sworn eternal love to each other, can help the path of common life that is about to take off. .

The letter and wine ceremony is simple. The spouses choose together a bottle of a wine that can withstand 10 years of aging and, the day before the wedding, they both write a letter to tell the feelings they have for each other, the emotions of that moment and the reasons for they have chosen to share their life with their future spouse. On the day of the ceremony, the bottle and the letters are closed and sealed in a wooden box, which will bear the date 10 years later: that will be the day to open it, savor the emotions of the spouse’s words and remember the most important day. important of their common history, sipping the aged wine with the couple.

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